On boats, we use adhesives and sealants. Sealants do not possess great bonding strength. Their main purpose is to prevent water, whether sea or rainwater – penetrating either through a gap between the substrates or through the hole drilled for a screw or bolt that is actually providing the force required to keep the objects together. Typically, these could be deck fittings such as cleats, winches, rope clutches, hatches and windows. Adhesives, meanwhile, can be used to complement screw or bolt fastenings, or to carry the load without the need to penetrate the deck with extra fixings. Here at South Shore Marine Supply we stock the most common and best sealants and adhesives on the market today. Brands such as Boat Life’s Life-Seal, Life-Caulk, Silicone Rubber, 3M Brands like 4000, 4200, and 5200. We also carry a large selection of thinners, cleaners, and strippers along with several brands of heavy duty spray adhesives.


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