The secret to picking the right paint for your boat’s bottom or outdrive comes from evaluating a number of factors: what kind of water are you in (salt or fresh), what is the water salinity of your boat’s location, is there a lot of current where you keep your boat, how often do you use your boat, and so on, that’s why we carry and stock some of the best bottom paints out there. Whether you've just bought a new boat or are lavishing care on a classic, a good bottom job is a wise investment of both time and money. South Shore Marine Supply carries Interlux, Aquaguard, Mar Pro, Armor and Sikkens bottom paints designed for use on both sailboats and powerboats, with paints available for both fresh water and salt water environments. We carry ablative, hard-epoxy, slime-resistant and gelcoat bottom finishes for both the do-it-yourselfer and the professional. We also stock a large selection of Marine Spray paints for quick touch-ups. Take care of your investment; treat your boat with a top-of-the line bottom coating from South Shore Marine Supply.

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